Mental Health and Disability Support

Mental Health and Disability Support

Holistic Recovery team consists of highly qualified and skilled staff to provide quality person-centred support to NDIS participants. Our team have experience working with participants with a broad range of issues related to mental and physical wellbeing with varying levels of complexities. We meet with participants wherever they are in their journey and support them based on their NDIS goals and personal aspirations. We provide individualised support which best meets their specific needs. Some of the qualities and approach of our team are as listed below.

  • Provide support that is trauma-informed, recovery-oriented and person-centred. Able to step back to allow the person they support to be independent
  • Encourage people in the community to speak to the person you support directly
  • Use augmentative and alternative communication aids
  • Do not make assumptions about a person’s ability
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Provide support that comprises of Duty of care and Dignity of risk

How to get a highly experienced Support Worker that applies the person-centred approach?

Support Workers at Holistic Recovery are highly qualified in Community Services and have a minimum of two years of experience in NDIS sector work and are available to assist people as required.

Please contact our team on 02 4009 4074 for additional information or to refer click here. We will be happy to assist you.