Who We Are

Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic people who are very passionate, highly qualified and experienced in providing quality services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding. We are based in Tamworth, New South Wales and are determined to provide Tamworth and the surrounding area within 100 kilometres. Our approach is Trauma-informed, recovery-focused, and person-centred, enabling us to provide support tailored specifically to your needs.

Our team comes from a diverse background of the either clinical or non-clinical sector. However, each of us has the same passion for serving back to the local community by assisting individuals who need a better way to access individualised support tailored to their needs. Each of us has extensive experience in community services and specialises in all levels of support to ensure our participants reach their goals. Our trusted management team and staff members actively inspire and collaborate with our participants, to help them pursue more independent and fulfilling lives.

How was this organisation born?

Working in this sector for more than 7years, one common thing that we as a team identified that with rolling of NDIS services, the focus of support services was shifted from quality support to quantity support. While there could be various factors influencing this shift, each member of our team morally struggled. Many times, quality of services provided to the participants were compromised and occasionally not person-centred. This led to various brainstorming sessions and late nights discussions on how we could create an organisation whose vision and mission is to

1. Provide the best possible service to NDIS participants that is recovery-orientated and person-centred that works with individuals to achieve their goals and gain independence.

2. Provide a nurturing environment for the staff members that boost their morals and create a symbiotic team environment to their personal and professional growth.

Our goal

Holistic Recovery’s goal is to provide quality support with a trauma-informed and person-centred approach. We have successfully achieved this by providing our staff with regular professional development opportunities and quarterly supervision by the clinical team, such as Registered Nurse and Psychologists. Professional boundaries are in our heart, and we demonstrate the same in our services provided to the participants.

Our Morals and Values

At Holistic Recovery, we live and breathe our values, of inclusion, respect, empathy, integrity and excellence, while delivering the highest quality of care. We have an open-minded approach, embrace cultural diversity, and encourage leadership advancement for our staff and our participants.


Being open listening and respectful behaviours all the times.


We treat our participants and each other with the highest degree of, equality and respect, recognising the vital contribution that diversity makes to the quality of operations and communities.


We show understanding for one another through our decisions, actions and words, and commit to appreciating the efforts of all.


Our organisational and personal principles reflect the highest standards of ethics and honesty. We are personally accountable for our actions.


We take pride in everything we do and strive to do our best, taking personal responsibility for the quality, innovation, and excellence.


We are currently in the process of registration but accepting Plan Managed and Self-Managed referrals.